Top-down structured programming is primarily composed of functions. We disassemble the code and create functions out of it. To give reusability and modularity to the C++ software, functions could be called multiple or many times.

Functions, sometimes known as procedures, subroutines, or methods, are frequently defined to execute a specific task. As a result, functions are a collection of code that has been given a name and may be invoked at any moment without having to rewrite the entire code in a programme.

Benefits of Functions

  • We may avoid rewriting the same logic or code over and over by using functions.
  • We can distribute the task among the programmers by using functions.
  • Using functions, we can easily debug or detect faults in any application.
  • They simplify and make programming more readable.

Function characteristics

Declaration: A function is declared here to inform the compiler of its existence.

A function is defined to do a certain task. (This implies that when we define a function, we write the entire code for that function, and this is where the real implementation of the function takes place).

Call: The location where a function is invoked in order to be used

C++ Function Prototype

The function prototype is the function’s template that instructs the compiler about the function’s details, such as its name and parameters. Function prototypes assist us in defining a function following a function call.

Example of a function prototype,

// Function prototype
return_datatype function_name(datatype_1 a, datatype_2 b);

Function classifications

Library functions are pre-defined functions in the C++ programming language. These are the functions that must be included in C++ header files before any other parts of the code can be utilised.

sqrt(), abs(), and so on.

Customized functionalities

User-defined functions are functions that a programmer creates to reduce the complexity of a programme. Rather, these are functions that the user constructs in response to the needs of a programme.

For example, any function written by the programmer.

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