C has been a well-liked general-purpose programming language since the late 19th century.It has a wide range of uses. It covers everything, including creating databases and operating systems.Even though it is outdated, this programming language is still widely used. It has a strong relationship with the operating system because the entire UNIX operating system was developed in C.

While developing the kernels for iOS and Android, C was also used extensively.

The MySQL database is developed in C.

Most of Ruby and Pearl’s code is written in C.

The majority of Apache and NGINX’s code is written in C.

Utilizing C, embedded systems are developed.

Why should we study C and its features?

It is one of the most widely used programming languages in the world, as was already noted.Knowing C makes learning any other well-known programming language, such as Python or C++, a piece of cake.The fact that C may be utilised in a wide range of technologies and applications proves that it is a flexible language.When compared to other programming languages, including Python and Java, C is very quick.C only requires a sizable amount of CPU time for interpretation. Because of this, C is used in the development of several Python libraries, including NumPy, pandas, Scikit-Learn, and others.Its features, which are similar to machine language, include direct access to hardware APIs at the machine level.

What distinguishes it from C++?

Given that C++ was created as an extension of C, their syntax is nearly identical. Classes and objects are supported by C++ but not by C, in contrast.Users are given the majority of power by C. The programmer has full control over tasks like memory allocation and manipulation. Because it is versatile, it gives the programmer more access, which makes it more effective.

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