Starting out with C

You need two items to begin using C:

  • You need a platform to write C code, such as a text editor like Notepad or an IDE like VSCode.
  • Use a compiler, such as GCC, to convert the high-level language of C that you wrote into a low-level language that the computer can comprehend.

An IDE is really what?

Integrated Development Environment is referred to as IDE. It is nothing more than a text editor that has been upgraded to make it easier to write code that is cleaner and more effective.

It aids in highlighting specific areas of your codes when a semicolon or bracket is absent and helps you distinguish different parts of your codes with different colours.

There are many IDEs available, such as DEVC++ or Code Blocks, however for this lesson series, we suggest using VS Code.

Setting up VS Code

To download, go to

As appropriate for your operating system, select the download option.

After the download is finished, begin the setup by saving VS Code in the default folder and leaving all other settings alone.

The next button must be repeatedly clicked until the installation procedure starts.

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