C++ program to print student details using constructor and destructor


A program to print student details using a constructor and destructor.


  1. Start the process
  2. Invoke the classes
  3. Call the read() function
    • Get the inputs name, roll number and address
  4. Call the display() function
    • Display the name, roll number, and address of the student
  5. Stop the process


#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

class student
	private: char name[20],add[20];
	  	int roll,zip;
	public: student ( ); //Constructor
		~student( ); //Destructor
		void read( );
		void disp( );			

student :: student( )
	cout<<"Student class constructor called."<<endl;

void student :: read( )
	cout<<"Enter the student Name: ";
	cout<<"Enter the student roll no: “;
	cout<<"Enter the student address: ";
	cout<<"Enter the Zipcode: ";

void student :: disp( )
	cout<<"Studet details"<<endl;
	cout<<"Student Name   :"<<name<<endl;
	cout<<"Roll no is     :"<<roll<<endl;
	cout<<"Address is     :"<<add<<endl;
	cout<<"Zipcode is     :"<<zip<<endl;

student :: ~student( )
	cout<<"Student class destructor called.";
int main( )
	student s;


Student class constructor called.

Enter the student Name: Rajesh
Enter the student roll no: 1234
Enter the student address: Bangalore
Enter the Zipcode: 560001

Studet details
Student Name   :Rajesh
Roll no is     :1234
Address is     :Bangalore
Zipcode is     :560001

Student class destructor called.

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Editorial Team

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  1. hai sir, these program are used my course,i have some one program in constructor and destructor in with parameter&without parameter,copy constructor

  2. thanks for the program sir. its very much effective to a person like me(beginer to c++

  3. Sir,likely I have understand from the above program but can you explain why we use constructurs and destructurs (main purpose) my mail id:yogesh.avhale2010@gmail.com

  4. the program is really helps me to understand how to make these types of prgrms

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