Program to implement Binary Search Algorithm

#include <iostream.h>
template<class T>
int binarySearch(T a[], int n, T& x)
	int left = 0;                       // left end of segment
	int right = n - 1;                  // right end of segment
	while (left <= right)
		int middle = (left + right)/2;   // middle of segment
		if (x == a[middle]) return middle;
		if (x > a[middle]) left = middle + 1;
		else right = middle - 1;
	return -1; // x not found
int main()
	int a[10],n,t;
	cout<<"Enter the size:";
	cout<<"enter the elements in sorted order:";
	for(int i=0;i<n;i++)
	cout<<"enter the element to search:";
	int f=binarySearch(a,n,t);
		cout<<"element not found";
		cout<<"element found at index:"<<f;
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Editorial Team

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