Setting up the compiler in C++

  • Visit to set up the compiler.
  • Choose C++ on the sidebar.
  • Pick one of the choices under “GCC through Mingw-w64 on Windows” from the list.
  • Choose the option to install SourceForge.
  • Run the setup programme once the downloading is complete, and then select all of the default options, just as we did when installing Visual Studio Code.

Setting Compiler’s Path

  • Navigate to the directory C. Enter the Program Files directory. Open MinGW-64 next. Fire up MinGW-32. the bin folder follows. Save the path or URL to the bin once you’ve reached it.
  • then visit “This PC’s” properties.
  • “Advanced System Settings” should be chosen.
  • Choose “Environment Variable” from the menu.
  • Change the environment variable to include the copied path.
  • You may now access your IDE and start running C++ programmes there. Configuration is complete.

Creating your first C++ programme

Launch VSCode. Here is the most basic print statement we can use to get started.

#include <iostream>
int main()
    std::cout << "Hello World";
    return 0;


Hello World
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