Telerik TV – Win 7 Phone App

Telerik TV

Telerik TV is a Win 7 mobile App uses Telerik Odata and fetches some of the information which the user may be interested.

The following are the features on this App

  1. View Authors and his blog Information
  2. View Channel Information
  3. View Video Information

The App shows the panoramic view of Authors, Channel and Video Information. The panoramic view is made with an intention of easy navigation across various related information.

Author Info is shown with the Author Name, Author Photo if they have and the Blog link. The user can view the blog information by just clicking on the link which will open in a Web browser integrated with in the application.









The Channel information shows the Name, Url and Description information









The Video information shows the Name, Url and Description information. The user can click on the link that will navigate to telerik page. Telerik uploads view to viddler and uses render them in their web page using Adobe Flash. As of today there is no Flash support for Win 7 so you can’t view watch Telerik videos.



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