Verilog HDL Program for HALF ADDER

The half adder adds two one-bit binary numbers A and B. It has two outputs, S and C (the value theoretically carried on to the next addition); the final sum is 2C + S. The simplest half-adder design, pictured on below, incorporates an XOR gate for S and an AND gate for C. With the addition of an OR gate to combine their carry outputs, two half adders can be combined to make a full adder.

Half Adder
Half Adder

module ha(s,co,a,b);
    output s,co;
    input a,b;
    xor1 u1(s,a,b);
    and1 u2 (co,a,b);
Simulated waveform for Half Adder
Simulated waveform for Half Adder
Ansten Lobo

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