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How do I access the HTML page’s page source once it has loaded?

Sometimes we need HTML content or the view-source of someone’s website, and Windows offers a straightforward method for viewing that.

  • Visit that site.
  • Make a right mouse click.
  • Choose View Page Source from the menu.
  • View-source will open in a new tab on your computer screen.

How can the HTML element be inspected?

There is a straightforward method offered by Windows that can be used when we need to examine an HTML element on a website.

  • Visit that site.
  • Make a right mouse click.
  • Select the “Inspect” option.
  • On your screen, a developer tool has been opened.

NOTE: By using this developer tool, you are allowed to temporarily edit/change any website’s CSS or HTML elements.

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Shubhajna Rai

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