HTML Prerequisite

Tools required to create an HTML page are as follows:

  • HTML editors are: Each and every piece of HTML text needs to be written in this straightforward tool. Any text editor is available for us to use. Because Visual Studio Code is open-source and lightweight, we are using it here.

Regularly employed editors:

Visual Studio Code installation:

  • Enter “Visual studio code download” into Google
  • To download and install it according to your OS, click.
  • Browser: Browsers read and understand HTML tags rather than displaying them. HTML structures are rendered into a stylish and attractive form in a web browser. Google Chrome is being used here.

Frequently used browsers:

We will have the ability to render pages using any editor and any browser.

NOTE: To view live reload pages, we are also adding a live server addon to our Vscode editor.

A local development server with a live reload feature for HTML pages is launched using the live server extension.

Shubhajna Rai
Shubhajna Rai

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