A module is a file that contains code that was written by someone else and can be imported and used to meet our needs.

Types of module:

1) built-in module that is already present in Python

2) You must install an external module using pip.

OS, abc, and other built-in modules are some examples.

Examples of external modules are Flask, TensorFlow, etc.


The Python package management allows you to install modules on your computer.

Install a module for flask module using PIP.

The pip command can be used to obtain any external Python module. Pip is a package manager for Python. We can get code created by someone else thanks to this.

We may use the pip command to add a module to our system:

Launch PowerShell or CMD on your computer.

Next, enter after typing pip install module name.

When you do that, the module will begin downloading and installing itself on your computer automatically.


Comments are used to write code that a programmer does not want to run. It may be used to mark the author’s name, the date, etc.

Types of Comments:

Single-line comments made with the # symbol

multiple-line comment is written as ‘’’comment’’’

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