A tag in HTML is ?

If you want to create a stunning website To help you with this, use tags.

A tag functions as a container for content or other HTML tags. The words inside and > brackets are known as tags.

They function similarly to keywords in that they specify how a web browser will format and display content.

The following lists a few of the tags:


Also called as “Starting tags” or “Opening tags,” these are.

he following tags end with a closing tag i.e.

<html> tag has its closing </html> tag

<head> tag has its closing </head> tag

<title> tag has its closing </title> tag

<body> tag has its closing </body> tag

The content between them is closed using closing tags. These tags are denoted by angle brackets (,), a forward slash (/), and a tag colon (:). For instance:</html>. The “Ending tags” are another name for these closing tags.

The terms “Stand-Alone tags,” “Empty tags,” and “Self-closing tags” refer to tags that lack their matching closing tags. For instance:

<br /> tag

<hr /> tag

<img> tag

NOTE: There is a gap between the characters and the forward-slash (/) in these Empty tags. This is necessary, as older browsers will have trouble rendering that line break if you omit this space.

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