HTML Document Structure

How is the structure of an HTML document presented?

The structure of an HTML document includes a number of tags. Tags are pieces of text that are enclosed in angle braces. A tag functions as a container for content or other HTML tags. The text below demonstrates the format of an HTML document:

<!DOCTYPE html>
   <!-- content -->

Be not frightened. I’ll explain to you what is being depicted above.

NOTE: These are the five essential HTML tags.

<!DOCTYPE html>, <html>, <head>, <title>, <body>

The web browser uses the!DOCTYPE> declaration element to determine what version of HTML is being used in the content. The most recent version, HTML 5, is 5.

  • <html>

The <html> tag is the root of an HTML page

  • <head>

The <head> tag contains page metadata

  • <title>Document</title>

The <title> tag contains the title of a page and is shown in the browser title bar

  • </head>

The </head> tag is closing of <head> tag

  • <body>

<body> tag is the main tag of HTML. It contains the main body of the page and is shown in the white part of the browser

  • </body>

The </body> tag is closing of <body> tag.

  • </html>

The </html> tag is closing of <html> tag.

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